Wuppertal, Germany
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Type of event
Hybrid events solutions

The European Association for Gastroenterology, Endoscopy and Nutrition (EAGEN)


The aim of the EAGEN is to present interactive and highly professional teaching events on diseases of the digestive system and to provide educational exchange platforms to further expand and update the knowledge in Gastroenterology.



Provide EAGEN events with digital tools to promote engagement, education and interaction among attendees.
Increase the audience
Attract more industry partners and sponsors
Due to COVID-19 crisis, EAGEN had to move its events offer to virtual or hybrid options.


Hybrid events solutions: includes engagement, interaction, content on demand, dialogue options etc.
Multi-event EAGEN APP hosting each event
Generate Sponsorship engine through all channels attracting more industrial partners on board.

Result. Enable:

Event type transition
Constructing efficient digital tools and networking features to convert traditional events to virtual or hybrid meetings.
Sponsorship Engine
Increase the number of sponsors and industry partners.
Virtual and Hybrid events
Successful Virtual attendance to virtual and hybrid events throughout a strong promotion of educational offer.
Meetings per year
Multi-event App
Sponsorship engine
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