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TIMM 2021 - Trends in Medical Mycology
8 -11 October 2021

Aberdeen, United Kingdom



Turn TIMM2021 into a hybrid event: Over the last 2 decades, TIMM has established itself as a valuable meeting in the field of medical mycology, attracting around 1000 attendees on-site from all over the world. Due to COVID restrictions the congress cannot be celebrated just as an in-person event.
Seamless connection between the offline and the online.
Full event program Live streamed combining on-site participants and virtual speakers and moderators.
Attract more industry partners and sponsors.


Engagement strategy to fullfill the gap between the on-site and the virtual side.
Full event program Live streamed: TV-broadcast production with any combination of recorded presentations, live or remote speaker presentation, live discussion with on-site and virtual panel, live Q&A discussion, live voting, etc.
Fully integrated Event Mobile APP.
Generate Sponsorship engine through website and app attracting more industrial partners on board.

Result. Enable:

Successful hybrid attendance
200 delegates attended on-site, 500 delegates joined virtually.
Exhibition Area and Sponsorship
Increase the number of sponsors and industry partners.
Seamless connection between the virtual and the on-site worlds.
Constructing efficient digital tools and networking features to intregrate and connect the on-site and the virtual.
Strong promotion and boost of educational component
All videos and materials were available on-demand after the event so all event attendees could rewatch at any time.
Larger audiences
Seamless integration
Fully supported event
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