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London, UK
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Undercurrent News (UCN)


UCN strive to cover the major news and trends in the seafood sector, ranging from daily business events and prices movements, to legal cases, mergers and acquisitions and in-depth pieces.

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Host webinar on a monthly basis
Increase the audience
Attract more industry partners and sponsors


Event website including live-streaming, virtual exhibitors, sponsors, interactive program, speakers information, articles, news..
Content HUB to collect and group all content from all different webinars under one roof – with single log-in and smart filters.
Generate Sponsorship engine through all channels attracting more industrial partners.
Implementation of registration system and access rights control.

Result. Enable:

Developing Webinars
Constructing efficient digital tools and networking features to develop webinars
Sponsorship Engine
Increase the number of sponsors and industry partners.
Virtual attendance
Successful Virtual attendance reaching target audience worldwide.
Educational Hub
Strong promotion and boost of educational component.

Digital tools for UCN webinar

UCN Logo
UCN Promo
Webinars per year
Over 1.000 attendees per webinar
Sponsorship engine
EDUCATIONAL HUB with smart filters and search options
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